Monday, March 9, 2009

the bottle cap hats?

Here' a new shaker type percussion instrument I built recently. I wanted a way to have a quick shaker sound but still have both my hands free. Watching the Norah Jones Austin City Limits DVD i saw the same thing being played by Andrew Borger. Having seen his idea I recreated it my own way using some wood, a DW remote hi hat, coat hanger wire, and tons of bottle caps. I collected bottle caps for a while and finally just asked a waitress at Avalon and she hooked me up.
I plan to build more and perhaps sell them. Will upload a sound example son but generally it sounds a shaker with the punctuation of a high hat. Another percussion good soon to be released form this Sunshine Haven is the bug, consisting of bottle caps on a coat hanger wire. Physics causes it to crawl around the edge of the drums while play it and each stroke a cool little jingle shake to it. It can also be shaken like a regular shaker.

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