Thursday, December 2, 2010

OPHELIA Recording Log

OPHELIA is a record I worked on in the beginning of this year. Seems like a memory of great times from far ago. It is. Jonathan Vassar, one of the band's three aptly-skilled songwriters, has kept up the following posting during recording and in anticipation of the album release, which was two weeks ago. This record was the most relaxed piece I've ever done and I think it shows in the drums that got laid down and their connection to the music. Easy is good many times. OPHELIA RECORDING LOG

The album can be purchased here

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Orange Show Sighting

this was a message I just saw from a concert goer via myspace. Sorry Flip, don't check myspace nowadays, (or update this here blog, working on it). Thanks for the kind words. Your inclinations are right, I am inspired by that feel dont think of it consciously when I play. I'll try it some time.

We came for Thao but wow can you play. Thao is the heart and soul but man you are the master time keeper. I'm an old guy. I've heard a lot of music and have been disappointed at times with live shows but man that was good. I saw Tim Buckley with his band in a roller rink in Tucson towards the end of his last tour in 1975. They were so on the money and didn't show if they cared they were playing a roller rink. The rink wasn't closed and there were still kids rolling around. I thought that was an odd venue but watching you and yours playing in an empty cement garden pond in the middle of June Bug June. It was a very enjoyable night for us and thank you for your sweet (sweat) music.
I've only been listening to TN & TGDST for about a year and i would hear this revolutionary war drumming thing at times. I just read Thao and you met at a reenactment. I'm guessing a colonial era type reenactment. Am I imagining things when I say I hear that coming through at times in your music?
I know what you all do is a lot of work but it appears to me you have tons of fun as well. Have a great tour.
Phil, Tran and Sean

From the looks of it, he saw me on Thao's tour this summer with Mirah and the Most of All, and probably at a venue in Houston called the Orange Show. Beautiful place that is a single man's monument to his love of the citrus power of oranges.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

new remix from Norah Jones
Beastie Boys did a nice job.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's a record I did in the Spring with Thao and the Portland Cello Portland (PCP).
It was very nice relaxed session; we recorded in a cavernous house that was being sold in Portland. It was quite cold that day so they were using a wood stove all day. From what I've heard has come out well. I'll listen and decide what I think. Thanks to DOUG and the PCP'ers for the beautiful arrangements. Hope to play some shows with them in the future.

Monday, June 1, 2009

C&C drums

I wanted to mention I'm now playing a beautimous gold sparkle C&C kit. They were nice enough to bring me on as an artist and build the kit for me. Here's some photos and I'll upload more soon of me actually using the kit.
On my most recent Thao tour all the drummers used the kit. Best of all, I got to visit the factory in Gladstone, MO and meet JC, and the guy who actually built my kit, Bill Caldwell. Meeting the craftsman gave me a whole new apprectiation for this soundmaker.
My friend Matt from Matt Shultz and the Skyline Farms just got one too, in a nice champagne sparkle finish that I'm a bit jealous off. His has a 24" x 14" bass drum. I don't think it even fits in his car.

good day,

Monday, May 11, 2009

mid-Tour update

quick update from the Johnson City, NY hotel room while watching Reservoir Dogs.
I've met many good people on this tour and certainly some great drummers. My favorite being Mr. Nico Dann from opening act SISTER SUVI.
His playing is so solid, creative, inspiring. I make sure to catch it every night to pump me up.
Tomorrow Nico and I plan to go cymbal shopping in Northampton, MA. Actually, last night I played Nico's friend's hi-hats and dug their chunky dry sound. Will be lookign for something liek that tomorrow. wish me luck. cymbals are like puppies

more later

Monday, March 9, 2009

the bottle cap hats?

Here' a new shaker type percussion instrument I built recently. I wanted a way to have a quick shaker sound but still have both my hands free. Watching the Norah Jones Austin City Limits DVD i saw the same thing being played by Andrew Borger. Having seen his idea I recreated it my own way using some wood, a DW remote hi hat, coat hanger wire, and tons of bottle caps. I collected bottle caps for a while and finally just asked a waitress at Avalon and she hooked me up.
I plan to build more and perhaps sell them. Will upload a sound example son but generally it sounds a shaker with the punctuation of a high hat. Another percussion good soon to be released form this Sunshine Haven is the bug, consisting of bottle caps on a coat hanger wire. Physics causes it to crawl around the edge of the drums while play it and each stroke a cool little jingle shake to it. It can also be shaken like a regular shaker.