Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's a record I did in the Spring with Thao and the Portland Cello Portland (PCP).
It was very nice relaxed session; we recorded in a cavernous house that was being sold in Portland. It was quite cold that day so they were using a wood stove all day. From what I've heard has come out well. I'll listen and decide what I think. Thanks to DOUG and the PCP'ers for the beautiful arrangements. Hope to play some shows with them in the future.

Monday, June 1, 2009

C&C drums

I wanted to mention I'm now playing a beautimous gold sparkle C&C kit. They were nice enough to bring me on as an artist and build the kit for me. Here's some photos and I'll upload more soon of me actually using the kit.
On my most recent Thao tour all the drummers used the kit. Best of all, I got to visit the factory in Gladstone, MO and meet JC, and the guy who actually built my kit, Bill Caldwell. Meeting the craftsman gave me a whole new apprectiation for this soundmaker.
My friend Matt from Matt Shultz and the Skyline Farms just got one too, in a nice champagne sparkle finish that I'm a bit jealous off. His has a 24" x 14" bass drum. I don't think it even fits in his car.

good day,